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URGENT! Coaches needed!

By May 2, 2022January 2nd, 2023No Comments

Guys, we need your help. These are the places we need coaches. I know it’s intimidating, but we will help you. We need you. We cant run this without your help. Please share this. If you think of someone who would be good at it (aunt, uncle, family friend, older sibling etc) please help us recruit.

We need coaches in:

u3: 3 +.5 (3 coaches, .5 = co-coach)

u4: 3u

5/6 girls: 4 + .5 +.5

u5/6 boys: 3

u 7/8 girls: 5

u 7/8 boys: 3 + .5

u 9/10 girls: 5

u 9/10 boys: 3

u11-16 girls: 1

Contact Jessica at :