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Incident Reports

Formal Incident Reports

All Formal Complaints and incidents

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Time of Incident(Required)
Has it been 24 Hrs since Incident(Required)
Please see our 24hr policy at the side.
Your Involvment With Petrolia Soccer Club(Required)
Please give us as many details as possible. Including Names, so we have all information to look into the situation.
By selecting the Yes, option below. You are understanding that we take all incident reports seriously. However, we don't always follow up with the complaintant. We often like to handle things as discreetly as possible. With that said, if you don’t hear back from us it doesn’t mean we ignored your concerns. Also, You understand that we have a 24hr rule in place. If you are upset we strongly encourage you to wait at least 24 hrs before reporting to ensure you still feel the same way, or the issue still has not been resolved. Note, You will also remain anonymous. If however, we need to go further with the complain and names need to be discussed you will be approached ahead of time.

24 Hr Rule

Please remember that we have a 24-hour rule in place. We ask you to wait at least 24 hours before reporting an incident. Severe threats or concerns can bypass this. Within 24 hours issues can sometimes resolve themselves, or feelings and understandings about said situation may change.


Not all complaints will get a follow-up from a board member. We take all concerns and complaints seriously. However, we like to handle things discreetly as possible. Please know that all your complaints will be formally documented regardless.


We like to keep things discreet as possible. None of what is submitted in the form is publicly announced to other members, coaches, players, etc. If there is a complaint that is submitted and needs to be addressed the complainant’s name will be left out. However, please know there are some circumstances in that names will be discussed at that point you will be made aware of this before any discussion.

We want you to have a safe place where you can feel comfortable enough to voice any concerns you may have!