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General Information


August 12, 2023

What is Wind-Down-Day?

Wind down day is a Celebration of the end of our soccer season.

It is a full day of fun and soccer for the entire Petrolia Soccer League. There is food, drinks, snacks, bouncy castles, and of course soccer.

Our Timbits are given their medals, while our older teams are given a swag gift to show our appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.

This day is completely free of charge and is put on by Petrolia Soccers Board Members and our Wonderful Sponsors. However, We will be accepting donations!

If you are available and would like to offer your support and volunteer some of your time Click Here to Contact Us.

Be sure to check back here for continuous updates about the day!

Zero Tolerance

The goal of the Petrolia Soccer Club is to provide a fun, safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere for the players, staff, and spectators.

Petrolia Soccer has a Zero Tolerance stance towards any unsportsmanlike act or conduct. Any participant, coach, spectator, or official may be disqualified from future participation for any unsportsmanlike conduct and actions. This includes but is not limited to: booing, shouting at officials, or arguing any calls. Expressing ANY negative behavior or comments, threats or obscene gestures to players, coaches, officials or other spectators is also unacceptable.

Cheering in a positive fashion, for both sides is highly encouraged. We are a recreational league with fundamentals and FUN as the 2 primary emphases.

All coaches are volunteers, we should all appreciate their time and efforts. Our officials will be treated with respect. Officiating youth sports is a low-paying, selfless profession, and often is their first job. All spectators should support the coaches and officials so they set a good example for their children.

24hr Rule: If you have a complaint, suggestion, or any concerns, please go home and take some time to think about the situation for 24hrs. After that time if you are still upset and feel that the situation needs to be addressed, please reach out to our board to handle the complaint/ situation properly.


Q. When Does Registration Open?

A. January of Each Season. The Registration is Open for 1 month. Be sure to register Early.

Q. When does the season start?

A. Mid May, depending on weather. We can’t play if the fields are too wet.

Q. When does the season end?

A. Wrap-up/ Wind-down day is the Second Saturday in August.

Q. My kid is delayed or big for their age and quite skilled. Is it possible for them to play down/up?

A. Yes. We work with families to make sure the experience is right for their child.

Q. Are Parents allowed on the Field to help their children?

A. No. Not unless the Coach as specifically asked you to come help. Our League is very instructionally based, and we Play what is called Small Sided. Not a full soccer line up.

Q. Do we Play on Holidays?

A. Yes. The only Holiday we do not play on would be if Canada Day Fell on a Day of Soccer.

Q. What kind of Weather do we Play in? Do we Play in the Rain?

A. For All Weather Questions Please See our Weather Policy for Details. Click Here

Q. My Child Really Wants to Play, But we are Unable to Afford the Rate, Can we help? 

A. Yes. We as a Soccer Club, Sponsor Children Every year to join our soccer club. We also have different Businesses around Petrolia who sponsor children to Play. Please Reach out through CONTACT US if you need support.


Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards (U4-U13)
Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards